N20 HELIUM (CAP 400 x 11" LATEX)

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Helium - Balloonium® 20 litre Lightweight Integra® Cylinder (300bar)

Balloonium® Helium in our medium 20 litre 300 bar lightweight cylinder. Comes with a built in regulator and active contents gauge so you can always tell how much gas you have even when the cylinder is turned off. You will require a quick fit connector to blow up the balloons, you can buy these online from our Conwin Zone.

Our innovative Balloonium® cylinders are specially designed to be lighter than traditional gas cylinders and they contain 50% more gas too! Our quick-fit connector inflators make it simple to fill a range of balloons from latex to foils. From birthday celebrations to large scale events, our Balloonium® cylinders set the standard in party and promotional gas supply.

  • Lightweight design
  • Reusable cylinder, making this a sustainable option
  • Contains 50% more gas than a traditional cylinder
  • Quick-fit connection means that you only have to snap on the inflator and you're ready to start!
  • Ergonomic handle
  • N10 (small) cylinder fills 310 x 9 inch latex balloons or 180 x 18 inch foil balloons*
  • N20 (medium) cylinder fills 620 x 9 inch latex balloons or 360 x 18 inch foil balloons*
  • N30 (large) cylinder fills 935 x 9 inch latex balloons or 535 x 18 inch foil balloons*

* Note that inflation figures are approximate. Temperature, manufacture of balloon and inflation technique will affect the number of balloons inflated.

Size: 20 litre Cylinder
Volume: 5.21 m³
Weight: 25.00 KG
Product Code: 14496
Gas mixture: Balloon Grade Helium


It is the policy of Irish Party Supplies that helium cylinders ordered for collection by customers are not allowed to be handled by Irish Party Supplies staff.
Helium cylinders are heavy. Irish Party Supplies offer a delivery service which eliminates the requirement for manual handling. Where customers opt to collect cylinder(s), you take full responsibility for moving and loading said cylinders into or onto your vehicle.
Irish Party Supplies staff are prohibited from handling cylinders for customers.
To facilitate our customers, Irish Party Supplies stock cylinders in medium (N20) and small (N10) sizes. These cylinders are lighter to lift and load.
Irish Party Supplies accept no responsibility or liability for customers opting to handle your own cylinder(s) either on our premises or, by extension, other locations.

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