Job-Costing / RRP Guide

The most common question we get after Training is 'How do I price my work?'.

The answer is simple; you price your work like you do any other product or service:

  • Calculate your Product Costs
  • Add Your Overhead Costs
  • Apply your Margin
  • Achieve a Guide Price
  • Compare to your competitors to make sure you are not too cheap or too expensive.

With balloons, however, your costs are many and varied so we are here to help.

Calculating the Cost of your Helium per Balloon

Depending on the size of helium cylinder you get from us, you will be paying one of four possible price points. Each cylinder inflates it's own amount of e.g 11" Latex / 18" Foils / 22" Bubbles / Large Number Foils / SuperShape Foils etc etc.

Once you know this figure, you simply divide the cylinder price (make sure to include your approximate cost of Rental and Delivery) by the quantity of the type and size of balloon you are inflating. This gives you a unit cost of helium in that balloon.

EXAMPLE: 3-Balloon Bouquet (11" Latex)

  • Balloon: 11" Qualatex Solid Colour Latex Balloon
  • Cylinder: Air Products N30 Integra Cylinder
  • The N30 Cylinder will inflate 605 x 11" Latex Balloons
  • The Average Landed cost (including Delivery and Rental) of an N30 Helium Cylinder is €365 + VAT
  • Therefore, 1 x 11" Latex will take €0.60 + VAT worth of Helium
  • Therefore, 3 x 11" Latex will take €1.80 + VAT worth of Helium


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