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This section deals with the Rental Charge on your helium cylinder(s) from Irish Party Supplies. Cylinder-Rental can be complex and confusing. Here, we make it easy for you to understand and to choose the right rental plan for you.

What is Cylinder Rental and Why is it Charged?

The vast majority of all Industrial Gas Cylinders are Rented, not purchased. The main reason for this is that it keeps the onus of Health, Safety, Re-calibration, Testing etc with the Gas Company (In Ireland these companies are primarily Air Products and BOC Gases). Cylinders are required, by law, to undergo scheduled rigorous testing and re-calibration. Additionally, these gas companies provide the only method to re-fill gas cylinders when empty. The costs of these two aspects, combined, are passed-on to the end-user through Cylinder Rental Charges. It is important to note that while you, the customer or end-user, buys the gas, the asset (the cylinder) remains the property of your gas supplier.

How Much does it Cost to Rent a Helium Cylinder?

Cylinder-Rental is charged on a 'Per Cylinder Per Day' rate. Traditionally, Irish Party Supplies have passed this on to you in the form of an Annual Rental Charge. However, improvements in technology (i.e - the ability to Scan all cylinders in and out against your account) means that we can now provide the convenient service of automated, accurate monthly rental charges.

The cost of Monthly Cylinder Rental is based on how many Cylinders you choose to hold and how many you choose to 'Churn'. This is where we have simplified the pricing and we incentivize holding more than one cylinder (which by itself is costly and difficult to manage).

The Flat Rate for Cylinder Rental is 0.40c + VAT Per Cylinder Per Day.
However, you can achieve as low as 0.25 + VAT Per Cylinder Per Day if your usage volume warrants buying more and holding more cylinders.
See our Pricing Plans below for more information.

How does my Gas Supplier know how many Cylinders I have?

Up to a few years ago, it was difficult for the major gas companies to say, with any level of confidence, the quantity of cylinders that you have at any one time. However, vast improvements in technology and systems means that now, and for the last few years, all cylinders are digitally scanned and assigned to your account when purchased. Similarly, the empty cylinders are scanned upon return. Irish Party Supplies adopted this system in 2016 and form part of the reason why we are now able to charge Cylinder Rental on a Monthly basis.

As and from 1st of January 2018, Irish Party Supplies have been operating a scanning and tracking system for all cylinders and for all customers. This allows us to have real-time visibility of your cylinder holdings. Where you are holding any additional cylinders for any period of time, this or these additional cylinders are charged at 0.50c + VAT per cylinder per day.

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