Print Full Colour pictures, logos, photos, text on 22" Floato Foil Balloons.

The Floato printing system is a revolutionary method for easily printing onto special Foil Balloons. Irish Party Supplies work in partnership with Floato to deliver a complete solution for our customers. This includes special discounts on Floato products and demonstrations for set-up, installation, usage and design using the Floato printer and portfolio of products.

Customers of Irish Party Supplies can avail of discounts on Floato products when ordering from www.floato.com *

Floato is the easy-to-personalize, retail-friendly, high quality 22 1/2 photo-balloon with a large print area.

Magic International Limited (MIL) is the sole distributor of Floato outside the USA.

Floato Photo Balloons are produced in America under exclusive license to Magic International by one of America's largest balloon manufacturers.

Floato does not require an expensive professional-grade printer or software, or any specialized training to use.

Floato can be printed in about a minute and can be sold for an attractive affordable price.

Introductory Printer Offer available NOW with minimum Order.

Floato is now being sold online with huge success in Benelux Countries.

Irish Party Supplies are the only national wholesaler of the Floato Balloons.

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Advantages of Floato

Floato can be printed in about 90 seconds.

Floato is dry to the touch virtually instantly.

Floato can be printed on an inexpensive inkjet printer.

Floato Ink costs can be minimal; from 10p per balloon.

Floato comes with elegant, easy-to-use software that has been specially developed to make designing images a fun, creative experience.

This software is available FREE for download on the Floato website.

No need for Photoshop, or to learn anything new!

Floato printable balloons are now produced to the highest possible standards in America and are packaged in a strong, vacuum-sealed bag, guaranteeing they arrive at the retailer in perfect condition every time.

Floato can be sold both printed and inflated, or flat and posted.

Floato has 15 years of granted patents unexpired.

The New Floato has a lighter coating and floats straight.

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* Discounts relate to first-orders and occasional promotions. Discount codes for Floato products are available to IPS customers by emailing aran@irishpartysupplies.ie 

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